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NASPSOFT 3D Printing Service

3D Printing Service start from RM0.80/g

Get quotation in SAME DAY.

Send your design file in stl. format to

Most Affordable 3D Printing Service with Excellent Quality

We believe that we are the most affordable company that provide cheapest solution with premium quality 3D printing service starting from RM1.00/gram. Send your design in stl. file to our email at and get quotation within the SAME DAY.

NASPSOFT 3D Printing Service


We help inventors or product designers to turn their ideas into reality. Do not worry about cost for multiple version of your design. Contact us to discuss more and we will help to meet your budget.


Save time and cost by using our 3D printing service. We transfer your architectural drawing into astounding 3D physical model from A to Z that definitely impress your client at affordable price.


Have your own customise product for self-use or want to sell it for testing the market? We provide affordable service to print your physical product with large amount (no MOQ). 

Materials & Pricing


Normal Quality: 200 micron Z Resolution - RM0.80/gram

Fine Quality: 150 micron Z Resolution - RM1.20/gram (Popular Choice)

Ultra Fine Quality: 100 micron Z Resolution - RM1.80/gram

High Precision FDM Technology

Premium Grade Filaments